Planet Earth is YOU

The Project Hug Challenge


smile at every stranger, every friend, everyone you meet today. hug someone and let them know we are all in this together. change the world. there is nothing that cannot be overcome, no evolutionary step we cannot take. and all it takes is unconditional love. you want to change the system? change yourself. smile. hug. love. spread kindness. meditate. create. take the next step in consciousness.  you are comprised of love and stardust, just like everything else in the multiverse. embrace yourself, love yourself. love each other. stop chanting, shouting at the world. stop marching in protest. gather instead in love spread kindness. smile, hug, spread a message of love. when your entire psyche is tied up in what you ‘oppose’ you grow negativity and solve nothing. instead show the multiverse all you embrace.

spread positivity instead of fighting the millions of wars each day against all you oppose and protest. show the power of love.

have an amazing existence. live, love, embrace all that this incarnation has to offer, and choose to be a positive force on the multiverse.

Take the challenge. for at least a week, smile at every stranger. at least once a day, hug someone and say ‘We are all in this TOGETHER!’

What you will see happen is a gradual change, as your immediate environment becomes…nicer…happier..more positive.  Spreading kindness is contagious, and if we all make our little areas of earth a little better every day, imagine the domino effect of love across the cosmos. You will feel the awakening  of spirit, a vibration, as the immortal universal spirit we house in these mortal shells starts to be nourished again.

Change the consciousness of the world, one hug at a time.